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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Summer 2009

Summer of 2009. Probably one of the best summers of my life. I enjoyed every second of it, and had the pleasure of sharing it with amazing people. Many teenagers look forward to spending time on the beach, hitting the amusement parks and driving around with your friends. Me? I look forward to dressing up as a pokemon, wearing tube socks religiously and singin in the rain, because I work at a summer camp.

Summer camp is one of the most life changing experiences out there. I ca
nt even begin to imagine what my life would be like, or what kind of person I would be if I never grew up with it. And ever since I was hired in 2008, my life has changed (for the better). I find it funny when people judge my job. My peers think it's gross. They cringe at the thought that they wouldn't be able keep their phones on them at all times and that facebook would just have to wait. They also despise all of the bugs and gag at the thought of camp showers.

But you know what I think? Who cares? Who cares that I won't be able to have my phone in my pocket all day? I can always check it and use it when I'm on break at night. And as for facebook? It's just sad if you need to check it every 2 seconds. And the bugs are actually really neat. The showers aren't the best but they are better than no showers at all. Besides, it's not supposed to be 1st class; It's summer camp.

This picture sums up my entire summer. That's a picture of us. Us, as in, the 4-H Camp Bristol Hills Staff of 2009. We're basically a huge family. We live together all summer, and have the time of our life. Yes, it can be stressful at times, but we are always there for each other. I love that. I don't feel that kind of comfort anywhere else. It's also the only place where I can truly be myself too. Everyone for the most part gets along too, and new members are welcomed just the same as old members. Even though we are all different ages and we come from all over the place, we all have one thing in common: each other.

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